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Wednesday September 20, 2017

We have been working hard on our Positive Behavior plan.  Students have to earn 3 stamps from staff or faculty for following the goal of the week.  This week's is PARTICIPATION.  If a student earns 3 stamps by the end of the day on Thursday, they will be eligible for a reward Friday.  Eligible students will be given a reward ticket.  That reward ticket MUST be given to the teacher Friday during homeroom.  We are expecting students to be responsible, so they have to keep track of this.

We are still working on CDT tests in the classroom, which use the Chromebooks, we are finishing up on DIBELS testing, and we are finishing up on our fluency tests.

Students will get Unit 1 Week 2 spelling list and reading vocabulary list.  There will be a spelling pretest on Monday, with the test following on Friday.

AR goals are to met by September 28th.  We will be having the 4th grade reward on the 29th.  My 3 classes of students' AR goals is a minimum of 5 points.

Students will be enjoying a presentation and mobile field trip on Thursday Sept 28th.  The Dept of Agriculture will be bringing the Wood Mobile to our school for 4th grade to see products made from PA trees, diseases that affect trees, and many more facts about our forests.  This will be in line with products made in PA for social studies.

Halloween parade and party is coming up soon.  Students are asked to bring in $5 to help defray the cost of the party and the Valentine's Day party.  A slip will be coming home Friday.

Enjoy your week!
Mrs. Herring


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Week of April 17, 2017

Spelling:  Students received their final spelling list today.  It is a cumulative review of previous lessons with the bonus words being words from lessons we haven't covered.  If the student didn't earn an advance or proficient, then they have 3x each, cursive #1-25.  This is different...1-25!!  Test is Friday.

Grammar:  We are discussing subject and object pronouns, demonstrative and reflexive pronouns. We completed workbook pages 261 and 268 today.  Test is Thursday.  The students will list the 4 types and the pronouns that follow each type, as well as identify the different types of pronouns in the sentences.

Reading:  Review page 269 in the workbook.  We will be having a sequence assessment on Friday. There is nothing to study, just be sure you know your time order words and can follow directions.

Social studies bottle buddy is due May 11th.

AR goals need to be met.  Keep reading!

Friday is a dress up day for $1.00.  Information went home last week.

Have a great week!

Calendar of Events for May

May 1 and 8 school will be extended until 345.

May 1st is all day beginning band practice.  Students need to have a lunch from home if they have not turned in a slip for lunch from the school.  We will walk to the high school.  If it is raining, we will be bussed.

May 2-3 is science PSSAs.

May 4 is April's reward.  We will be walking over to the swimming pool.  Students must have a permission slip on file to participate.  Students also have to meet the requirements set forth on the behavior plan in the handbook.  If they haven't, they will stay back in a 4th grade classroom. Swimmers may bring goggles.  Be sure to have a towel or 2.  Rain date will be May 9th.

May 5 any chaperone going on the field trip and approved by PTO needs to have their money in.

May 8-12 is book fair.  Our day to shop is May 11, but students may shop throughout the week, time permitting.

May 8 4th grade is participating in Laps for Healthy Lungs.  We will be walking around the hs track. Students may wea…

Friday May 5

Monday the students in 4th grade may wear gym clothes.  We will be walking around the high school track for an hour in the afternoon to benefit the American Lung Association Healthy Lungs.  Students are strongly encouraged to donate at least $1.  Students that raise the most money will receive recognition from the Lung Association later in the month.

Thursday May 11 is book fair, although students may shop at any time through the week.

Friday May 12 is a paid dress down day.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Herring