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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I will be teaching your child ELA (reading, grammar, spelling). I will try to follow the homework helpline assignments as best I can. As always, there may be some unforseeable events. Please keep in mind we need to have an open line of communication for you the student/parent to have a great year. Looking forward to a great school year!!

January 25, 2018

Students have been super busy collecting money for the Boosterthon.  As of this morning, my homeroom had $25/lap raised.  We are very close to the $30 level as a class, which is a classroom surprise snack provided by me.  If the school raises $20,000, the principals will dress as queens and get pied in the face.  Let's keep making those donations!

Tomorrow is the Fun Run.  Students are encouraged to wear sweatpants and the field trip shirt.  If a student doesn't dress for the Fun Run, they must be in dress code school approved clothes.  NO JEANS!  The Fun Run will take place in the afternoon for 4th grade.

Monday is the PBIS reward.  If a student has earned all 4 stamps, they may dress down for the day.  Jeans, sweatpants, Spartan t-shirt, or dress code clothing.

Valentine's Day party is Friday February 9th, beginning at 2pm.  Students may bring in Valentines to share with their classmates.  If a treat is being sent in, please be sure it is store bought.  We will be provid…

SNOWY Jan 4, 2018

There will be additional spelling homework and vocabulary homework assigned in class today.  There are 2 spelling worksheets and a spelling workbook page 135.  Also, reading vocabulary can be defined on the back of the worksheet and glued in the notebook on the next day of school.  The workbook page to reinforce the vocabulary is page 133.

Be safe,
Mrs. Herring

Week of January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!!!

In spelling, we took a pretest today on List 8 Scene Two.  3 times each is due tomorrow (#1-20). Test is on Friday.

In reading, we will be staring Scene Two.  We will be discussing how to draw conclusions.  Students will write vocabulary tomorrow and should study nightly.  On the Family Times worksheet, students are to read the History Alive part and write down 3 differences in a family members life in their  hometown or where they are currently living.

In grammar, we will be reviewing irregular plural nouns.  We did a spelling lesson on irregular plural nouns before Christmas break. 

PBIS for the month of January will be 2-2 week periods.  At the end of both 2 week periods, a free dress down will be awarded if the student earns their 4 stamps.

Have a great day
Mrs. Herring