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Friday May 12, 2017

Friday is dress down, which is also Day 6, gym.

Friday is the last day of the book fair.

Monday we will be having a program on diversity.

Tuesday will be all day chorus.  ONLY students who are involved with chorus are allowed to dress down.  Chorus kids that did not order a lunch must be sure to have theirs from home.

Wednesday is our field trip.  Last minute reminders are being sent home in Friday folders.  Please look over for last minute information.  All students may ride school transportation to and from school that day.  We are boarding busses at 850 so please do NOT be late.  We are pulling out at 9am.

Thursday is our picnic.  Students will be given pizza, Guers iced tea &/or water, snacks, and Rita's Italian ice.  Students may bring a towel to sit on outside.  Wear sunscreen and be mindful of gritters.

Friday we will have the chance to visit the Agriculture Lab; thank you 5th grade.  Also, all school library books are due.

We are still accepting donations for the Healthy Lungs Walk that we did this past week.  We will have a presentation on the 22nd and gift cards will be awarded to the highest donors.


Friday's homework due Monday:  Students must find an object to put into a brown bag (provided) and list 10 adjectives describing the object.  Nothing living, please.  Remember, an adjective describes or modifies nouns.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Herring


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Week of April 17, 2017

Spelling:  Students received their final spelling list today.  It is a cumulative review of previous lessons with the bonus words being words from lessons we haven't covered.  If the student didn't earn an advance or proficient, then they have 3x each, cursive #1-25.  This is different...1-25!!  Test is Friday.

Grammar:  We are discussing subject and object pronouns, demonstrative and reflexive pronouns. We completed workbook pages 261 and 268 today.  Test is Thursday.  The students will list the 4 types and the pronouns that follow each type, as well as identify the different types of pronouns in the sentences.

Reading:  Review page 269 in the workbook.  We will be having a sequence assessment on Friday. There is nothing to study, just be sure you know your time order words and can follow directions.

Social studies bottle buddy is due May 11th.

AR goals need to be met.  Keep reading!

Friday is a dress up day for $1.00.  Information went home last week.

Have a great week!

Calendar of Events for May

May 1 and 8 school will be extended until 345.

May 1st is all day beginning band practice.  Students need to have a lunch from home if they have not turned in a slip for lunch from the school.  We will walk to the high school.  If it is raining, we will be bussed.

May 2-3 is science PSSAs.

May 4 is April's reward.  We will be walking over to the swimming pool.  Students must have a permission slip on file to participate.  Students also have to meet the requirements set forth on the behavior plan in the handbook.  If they haven't, they will stay back in a 4th grade classroom. Swimmers may bring goggles.  Be sure to have a towel or 2.  Rain date will be May 9th.

May 5 any chaperone going on the field trip and approved by PTO needs to have their money in.

May 8-12 is book fair.  Our day to shop is May 11, but students may shop throughout the week, time permitting.

May 8 4th grade is participating in Laps for Healthy Lungs.  We will be walking around the hs track. Students may wea…

Friday May 5

Monday the students in 4th grade may wear gym clothes.  We will be walking around the high school track for an hour in the afternoon to benefit the American Lung Association Healthy Lungs.  Students are strongly encouraged to donate at least $1.  Students that raise the most money will receive recognition from the Lung Association later in the month.

Thursday May 11 is book fair, although students may shop at any time through the week.

Friday May 12 is a paid dress down day.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Herring