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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I will be teaching your child ELA (reading, grammar, spelling). I will try to follow the homework helpline assignments as best I can. As always, there may be some unforseeable events. Please keep in mind we need to have an open line of communication for you the student/parent to have a great year. Looking forward to a great school year!!

Week of February 27, 2017

Spelling:  We are going to resume next Monday with List 15.  I have been trying to keep the spelling list with the reading story, but I won't be able to finish all of the lessons.  The spelling lesson will NOT be the same as the reading story from here out.  Please be sure to look at the title that is affiliated with the spelling list.

Reading:How Night Came test is Wednesday.  Study vocabulary words, generalizations, and comprehension skills.  Students have the vocab in their reading notebooks, textbook and workbook. Students have a generalization worksheet and workbook page.

Grammar:  We are studying Subject/Verb Agreement and the test will be on Wednesday.  If there is a disagreement, the verb is what changes, not the subject.

Social Studies:  We will be working on Lesson 11 and 12 this week.

AR points are due tomorrow at 9am.

Reward will be Friday for those that adhered to the behavior plan in the handbook.

Students need to adhere to the dress code.  Please don't wear gym cl…

February 13, 2017

Spelling List 13 3x each in cursive, due Wednesday.  Test is Thursday.  No pretest until 2/27/17.

Reading:  There will be a short whale research project due Tuesday the 21st.  Facts and opinions and a picture of the chosen whale are due.  Facts should be substantial and facts that aren't common. Opinions should be more than, "I don't think, I don't like,."

Social Studies cumulative assignment will be passed out on Thursday and due back Thursday February 23.

Dress Down day on Thursday.  Please send a $1 in with your child if they are dressing down.  

NO SCHOOL Friday or Monday for students.  See you all on Tuesday the 21st.

Have a great day,
Mrs. Herring

February 3, 2017

Wow!  1st month of 2017 is behind us already!  Where is the time going?

Spelling list 12 test was today.  Students had to know the meaning and spelling of the words this week because they were homophones (their, there, they're).  Continue looking for other homophones in your reading and improve your vocabulary.  Next spelling test will be February 13, list 13.

Grammar:  We will continue working with verbs, learning the difference between helping and main verbs.  I always tell the students Herring is better than Moyer that is why H for helping verb is 1st in a sentence!  Just a way for them to try and remember.  Test will be next Friday.

Reading:  We will be reading Adelina's Whales.  This is a great, non fiction story between a young girl and the whales.  Students have already been studying the vocabulary words.  We will also be working on words with more than one meaning.  Test will be next Friday.

Wednesday is a data delay, so students will have a 2 hour delay.
Friday is the V…