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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I will be teaching your child ELA (reading, grammar, spelling). I will try to follow the homework helpline assignments as best I can. As always, there may be some unforseeable events. Please keep in mind we need to have an open line of communication for you the student/parent to have a great year. Looking forward to a great school year!!

Week of September 26, 2016

Spelling list 3:  Homework for those that did not score 100% on the pretest, 3x each (1x in cursive, 2x in print).  Test Friday

Grammar:  Complete subjects & complete predicates is the topic.  There is a homework worksheet that was sent home.  The test is tentatively set for Thursday.  Please review what a noun and verb are.  Also, know the difference between simple, complete and compound.

Reading:On the Banks of Plum Creek test Friday.  Know the vocabulary and the literary elements.

Please send in $5 for the parties so we can prepare for the Halloween and Valentine parties.

We will be going outside for recess, so dress accordingly to the weather.

Please check your child's assignment book nightly.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring

Week of September 19, 2016

Reading:Lewis, Clark & Me test on Friday.  Study vocabulary words and author's purpose.

Grammar:  Imperative and interrogative test on Thursday.  We will discuss all 4 types of sentences Friday.

Spelling:  List 2 3 times (1 time in cursive, 2 times in print); test is Friday.

Please remember to send in $5 for the parties this year.  Label the envelope with your child's name.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring

Week of September 12, 2016

Spelling:  List 1 3x each due Wednesday #1-20.  The 1st time should be in cursive and the other 2 times should be in print.  If you can do all 3 in cursive, GO FOR IT!  Test is Friday.List 2 pretest is Monday.
Grammar:  Declarative & Interrogative lesson this week.  Test is Thursday.
Reading:Because of Winn Dixietest is on Friday.  Study vocabulary from the story.  Be sure you understand sequencing and what it means to summarize.
Parents, a PALS packet is being sent home on Friday with your child.  Occasionally a packet will be sent home and this will reinforce the skill that is being taught in the reading story.  It is to build a partnership with parent/child and returned the following school day.  This week's  PALS is due Monday September 19.
Friday is a Spartandressdown day.  Donations will be accepted.
Classrooms are collecting $5.00 from each child to help defray the cost of the parties and picnic. Please put your child's name on the envelope.
Have a great week! Mrs. He…

Week of September 5, 2016

Book orders are due Friday.  Please encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes a day.

Students will be working on a flip book for reading strategies to better understand what they are reading.

We will also be starting Pennsylvania history!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring