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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I will be teaching your child ELA (reading, grammar, spelling). I will try to follow the homework helpline assignments as best I can. As always, there may be some unforseeable events. Please keep in mind we need to have an open line of communication for you the student/parent to have a great year. Looking forward to a great school year!!

Tuesday November 29

Spelling homework is List 8 Scene Two.  Everyone has ABC order #1-20; only those that did not get 100% on their spelling test has 3x each (1x cursive, 2x print).  Test is Friday

Thursday is all day band rehearsal.  Please be sure to pack your lunch or turn in lunch paper to Mr. Kelly.

Friday is behavior reward for November.  It is a bring your own device reward.  Students are responsible for their devices.

Monday is all day chorus rehearsal.  Please be sure to pack your lunch or turn in lunch paper to Mrs. Schwartz.

Have a great day,
Mrs. Herring

Happy Thanksgiving!

Homework over the break is to study for List 8 pretest in spelling on Tuesday.

See everyone on Tuesday November 29th!
Mrs. Herring

November 17

Spelling list 7 test tomorrow.

Grammar test on regular plural nouns tomorrow.

(H) Pilgrim paper due tomorrow.  Kids had plenty of time in class to finish.

(M) Thanksgiving expository due tomorrow.  Some have 3rd sloppy copies due and some have final copies due.  They know.

Have a great week!  Dress down tomorrow!

See you Monday,
Mrs. Herring

November 16

Reading workbook page 122 Pep Talk writing prompt due tomorrow.  7 sentences, short sweet to the point, no conversation.  Underline the vocabulary words.

Grammar and spelling test Friday.  Reading test Monday.

have a great night,
Mrs. Herring

November 15

The students have been working very hard on a Thanksgiving essay.  My homeroom has the 3rd sloppy copy due tomorrow.  I went through and made suggestions/corrections to the 2nd sloppy copy.

Mrs. Moyer's class has to finish the social studies research that was started in school.

Have a great night,
Mrs. Herring

Week of November 14

Spelling:  List 7 Test Friday.  Monday night's homework is to write #1-20 3x each (2x in print, 1x in cursive).

Grammar:  Regular plural nouns, test is Thursday.  Monday night's homework is to write 10 regular singular nouns and the plural form of the noun.  You can not use the spelling list words because they are irregular nouns.  Students had time in class to start.

Reading:  Coyote School News...students opted out of doing the vocabulary in their interactive notebooks.  Said they weren't using them, and it did take up valuable class time.  Students should study the vocabulary words that are on the bottom of list 7 spelling.  We will review them in class tomorrow for the reading test on Monday.

Dress down day on Friday.

Please dress according to the weather.  We do go outside for recess.

AR goals need to be reached by November 29th before the end of the day.  Please continue to read and take AR tests in class.

Have a great week,
Mrs. Herring

Addition to week of November 7, 2016

ELA:  Students had a chance to brainstorm what they are thankful for.  There is a paper to be completed to help them effectively write 3 good paragraphs.  This is due completed tomorrow along with their brainstorm paper.

Spelling List 7 pretest Monday

Have a great day,
Mrs. Herring
Additional reading homework for Tuesday November 8, 2016...

(M) workbook page 110, create your own limerick.  You are to write the sloppy copy and turn it in, and I will check it for the final copy.

(H) textbook page 188, question #3.  Please reference the text for the answer.  Restate the question and use complete sentences.

Have a great night!
Mrs. Herring

Week of November 7, 2016

There has been some concerns from parents regarding assignments not being written down or legible in the student's assignment book.  My assignments are written on the board every morning and stay up until the end of the day after dismissal.  Mrs. Moyer's are on her whiteboard during class to be copied.  That is the first thing students are to do when they enter either classroom.  Please encourage them to do so.

In my classroom, if an assignment isn't completed by a student due to fooling around, etc., that assignment becomes homework.  You won't see that in the assignment book or on homework helpline because that isn't an assignment for everyone, plus it was to be done in class during the allotted time.

The clocks have changed and so has the dress code.  Shorts are no longer to be worn to school until we spring ahead.  Please don't come on gym day in shorts; you will be sent to the office.  Also, leggings aren't to be worn as pants.  They may be worn under …