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December 7, 2017...REVISION

This is a super crazy month, so please continue to check the PTO Facebook page, NS webpage, and your child's assignment book.

Tomorrow we will have a pretest in spelling on list 7 Coyote School News.  As I told the kids, the words are difficult and there isn't an easy way to remember irregular plural nouns.  Test will be on Thursday.  Homework will be assigned on Monday.

Reading test tomorrow on What Jo Did.  This was a short story on cause and effect.  Please review cause and effect with your child.  What happened first to make something else happen?  Tuesday we will start Coyote School News in reading with the test next Monday the 18th.  A writing assignment will be coming home on Wednesday the 13th due back on the 15th.  It corresponds with Coyote School News and will be a grade.

Grammar will start on Monday and it is plural nouns, with a test to be announced.  This is very similar to our last spelling list.

December 8th & 15th are paid dress down days.  Students are perm…
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Tuesday November 21

Students have spelling homework 3x each due tomorrow by 9am.  I announced in class today who has homework.  The list was given out yesterday, List 6 What Jo Did.  If the student lost the list, it can be found in their ELA workbook or on-line...Google What Jo Did spelling list.  The test is Friday December 1.

Tomorrow is a paid dress down $1.  Students are encouraged to donate to the NS Cares fund which helps students in need.

Tomorrow is also PBIS reward.  Students are allowed to bring in a board game or an electronic device.  No way is the school, bus company, vans, or teachers responsible for the devices.

Dismissal tomorrow at 12.  See everyone again on Tuesday November 28.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Mrs. Herring

Wednesday November 8, 2017

Students in period 1 have to finish their grammar worksheet.  It was started in class.

Students in period 2 have to finish their grammar workbook page 87.  It was discussed in class.

There will be a spelling test on list 5 on Friday.  The grammar test will be on Monday and the reading test will be on Tuesday. 

Friday will be a paid dress down day $1 in honor of Veterans' Day.  A paper will be coming home tomorrow with more information regarding the dress down day on November 17th.

Have a great night!
Mrs. Herring

Week of October 23, 2017

This week is the start of Red Ribbon Week, and it will run through Tuesday, October 31.

Students may show their school spirit on Wednesday by dressing up in NS clothes.  Thursday they may wear their favorite team shirt/jersey.  Friday they may wear jeans before changing into their Halloween costume.  Please remember to follow dress code, but still have fun.

Friday the parade will start at 2pm and will find its way to the high school stadium.  Classroom parties will follow.  4th grade has collected $5/student to help defray the cost of snacks.  If you haven't sent yours in, please do so.  Students may also bring in candy/snacks, but remember it must be store bought.

Our spelling test will be Thursday on list 4.  Students took a pre-test yesterday, and have had the list since last Friday.  On the flip side is list 5, so please do not throw it away.

In grammar, we are learning compound sentences, which is a continuation of subjects and predicates.  Students MUST know how to find the …

Week of October 9, 2017

This week is going to be a bit crazy!

Tuesday will be a "normal" day, Wednesday is a 2-hour data delay for the students, and Friday the high school will be coming over to the elementary for a pep rally!

We will try to operate as normal as possible, but we also have the spirit week dress up:
      Tuesday:  Dress like a wacky tourist or wear a Hawaiian shirt
      Wednesday:  Dress like a duo (peanut butter- jelly, Tom & Jerry, or just twins!)
      Thursday:  Crazy Day (hair, socks, clothes, etc.)
      Friday:  Wear patriotic clothing or NS spirit

Spelling List 3 On the Banks of Plum Creek pretest Tuesday, 3x each due Wednesday if you didn't get 100%, test Friday.

Grammar We will be studying Subjects and Predicates which will refresh on nouns and verbs.  Test will be October 19.

ReadingOn the Banks of Plum Creek test will be October 20th.  Study vocabulary and literary elements (characters, setting, plot, conflict, resolution)

AR goals are online.  Goals need to be met …