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Week of December 3, 2018

This week is a busy week.  We had all day 4th grade chorus today.  Chorus and band concerts are this Saturday!  Good luck to all of the students who are involved.

Spelling: Period 1 & 2 is on Unit 2 Week 4 Horse Heroes.  Pretest will be tomorrow, 3x each is due Wednesday, 10 sentences are due Thursday (I am no longer providing lined, number paper), test Friday.
Period 3 has a pretest Thursday on list 2.  Words will come home Wednesday.

Grammar:Period 1 & 2 test Wednesday on common and proper nouns.  Common noun is any person, place or thing.  Proper noun is a specific person, place, or thing (North Schuylkill, Mrs. Herring, Dunkin Donuts).             
Period 3 You will see your grammar (compound sentences) included in your reading test.

Reading:  Period 1 & 2 we will be starting What Jo Did tomorrow.  Test will follow next week.
Period 3 we have finished Feathers in our new reading book.  Please review main idea/supporting details as well as the vocabulary that's in your no…

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I will be teaching your child ELA (reading, grammar, spelling). I will try to follow the homework helpline assignments as best I can. As always, there may be some unforseeable events. Please keep in mind we need to have an open line of communication for you the student/parent to have a great year. Looking forward to a great school year!!
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Week of Thanksgiving

There will be a reading test tomorrow for Mrs. Herring and Mrs. Eger's homerooms.  The test is on the vocabulary from Letters from Yosemite and the skill is main idea/supporting details.  We have done main idea/supporting details this school year already, so this should be a review.

Tomorrow Mrs. Staudenmeier's homeroom will have a spelling pretest.  The words can be found in their red reading folder or on page 255 of their book.  Students are also to read Feathers tonight for tomorrow's class.

A flyer went home 2 weeks ago looking for donations to be made for our veterans.  As of date, there haven't been any donations brought back into the classroom.  Donations will be accepted up to Wednesday.  Wednesday we hope to be able to stuff boxes for the Walter Reed Veteran's Hospital in D.C. and boxes to send to our active military.  Items can be as small as Chapstick to bathrobes to electric razors.  Any item will be much appreciated.  Thank you!

There are a few student…

Week of October 29

Happy Halloween week!

Tomorrow is a free dress down day.  Students need to wear a Spartan shirt or dress code clothes.  They can wear jeans or sweats with a Spartan shirt.  Students can NOT wear makeup to school, nor their costumes.  If a child is spraying their hair, please do so at home so the chemicals aren't being sprayed around everyone.

If students are bringing in snacks for tomorrow, please send enough in for the homeroom (24).  Snacks must be store bought.

There is no after school program tomorrow due to Halloween trick or treat.

If you are a PTO helper, please park in the lower lot of the high school.  If you are going to be a spectator, please find a seat inside the stadium on the home side and watch the parade from the bleachers. 

Have a great night!
Mrs. Herring

Week of October 22, 2018

Spelling What Jo Did 3x each will go home Tuesday evening, due back Wednesday.  Also, we will be writing 10 sentences for each spelling list.  I will be providing paper from this list forward.  Each sentence needs to be at least 5 words or longer, include punctuation, and capital letters.  Test is Friday.  If you ever need to look at the spelling list you can go onto Mrs. Laudeman's homework blog.

We will begin grammar this week, test next week.

We will begin the Horned Toad Prince in reading class.  Students have the vocabulary in their interactive notebooks.  They should be reviewing the meanings nightly.  The skill is author's purpose, which was a struggle when we did it 2 stories ago.

Please turn in party money if you haven't done so.  Halloween party/parade is October 31st at 1:30.  I sent home slips to the parents that are PTO approved.  Please send it back letting me know if you are available to help out or not.  Thanks!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring

Week of October 15

Spelling The Horned Toad Prince 3x each due tomorrow, 10 sentences using 10 spelling words due Thursday, test Friday.  All classes had time in class to start the word sort; some didn't finish, so it is homework.

Reading test tomorrow On the Banks of Plum Creek.  Students should study their vocabulary and literary elements.  Students will take the Look Back and Write part of the test Wednesday.  Students will also be working on the literary elements using a hanger to make a mobile.

We have written a how to paper last week.  After many rough drafts, the final copy will be displayed and the rubrics will be sent home in Friday folders.  Any questions, please email me.

The 19th is our day to shop the book fair during library.  Also, Friday is a paid dress down day. 

Next week we will be following the Red Ribbon dress down which is on the orange calendar that was sent home at the end of the month.

Please continue to encourage your child to read, read, read!  AR deadline is nearing; it i…

October 2, 2018

Students were able to start their written homework today in class.  They were to brainstorm activities they could teach someone else to do.  In their notebooks, they are to write step by step directions teaching someone how to do the activity, without demonstrating it.  A good introduction sentence might be:
               I am teaching my sister how to do string art.  These are the materials that will be needed or this is how much time is going to be needed.
A good conclusion might be:
               If you follow my step by step directions, you will be able to be successful at string art.

Have a great day!
Mrs. Herring

Week of September 24

Spelling list 3 On the Banks of Plum Creek" pretest on Monday.  3x each due Tuesday.  Test Friday.

Grammar test Tuesday on imperative (command) and exclamatory (exciting) sentences.  Students should also be prepared with declarative and interrogative from last week.

Reading test Wednesday on the vocabulary from Lewis and Clark and Me, suffixes -or and -er, and author's purpose (persuade, inform, entertain).

Party money is overdue.  Please send in party money.  This is used for Halloween, Valentine's Day and other special days.

October 1st is a dress down for bullying.  Students that wear a blue shirt can wear jeans, sweats, or shorts.  Students MUST wear a blue shirt to wear dress down bottoms.

4th grade field trip is scheduled for May 17th.  Chaperones must have the PTO requirements and clearances on file.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Herring