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April 9, 2020

I don't know where to begin.  I can't believe the news that was announced today by Governor Wolfe that school will not be conducted in the building for the remainder of the school year.  March 13 was our last day in the classroom, but we will remain a class, now just online!

I want to hear from all of you as much as you can, but make sure you have permission.  I am planning on putting together a Google Meet meeting with all of my homeroom students.  I will send out invitations on your gapp email.  Please watch for it and accept my invitation.  It will be very informal; just a meet and greet where you can share whatever you'd like.  If you have something you have made while we have been out of the classroom, and you'd like to share it with your classmates, go for it!

I am not 100% sure on how to "get around" Google, so please be patient with me.  If you log on to my classroom and you see Mrs. Laudeman's name next to an assignment, click on it.  We are work…

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Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I will be teaching your child ELA (reading, grammar, spelling, writing). I will try to follow the homework helpline assignments as best I can. As always, there may be some unforeseeable events. Please keep in mind we need to have an open line of communication for you the student/parent to have a great year.
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March 26, 2020

Good morning!  I though I would add a little color to add cheer to everyone's day!

I MISS all of you a great deal!  I wish we could have said more good byes Friday when we were leaving, but at that point, we thought we would be back and ready to fill the classroom again in 2 weeks.  Please keep in touch with each other and reach out to those of your classmates you may not have heard from.  Let's try to get in touch with everyone of our homeroom classmates.

4th grade teachers, and NSSD, are working on a wonderful plan to keep all of your brains as sharp as tacks (idiom, simile).  Please be sure to check back on Monday March 30, 2020 for some exciting information!  Remember we are working as a team.  We may make mistakes, but that's okay because mistakes help us learn.

Students (and parents), if you want to say hello or share with me how you are doing or what you are doing, or you have questions about what is going on, you can certainly send me an email kherring@northschuylkill…
Parents and students,
This is not to create hysteria.  We are taking precautionary measures.  There is information on the NS page on Facebook, not that we should believe all social media, but this is a more reliable source.
As of now, the following elementary events have been cancelled: Title I Family Night- March 24th Spring Pictures-March 24th Achieve Family Night-March 25th STEM Saturday-March 28th
NS Spring Meet the Spartans scheduled for March 19th has been cancelled. Also, the Easter Eggstravaganza scheduled for March 28th has been cancelled.
As more information becomes available to be shared, I will try to update you on here.
Naturally, you want to keep up with your child's academics, so please review math facts, review grammar skills already learned, and keep on reading.  Read anything and everything and talk about it please.
Have a great day! Mrs. Herring

March 11, 2020

We are wrapping up Unit 2 in reading this week with our reading story.  We will be doing a cumulative project which we will discuss tomorrow in class.  It is a research project on an endangered animal.  Guidelines will be going home tomorrow.  The final project is due March 27, 2020.  Please do not wait until the last moment to work on it.  If there is something you need from me, please ask,

Tomorrow and Friday in reading, we will be testing on the Echidna and the Peculiar Platypus.  Thursday I will assess on the vocabulary, Latin roots and comprehension skills.  Friday students will answer two writing prompts, which we have been discussing techniques to help write a valid answer.

We will continue to work on Unit 3 in reading.  This includes spelling and grammar.  Check your children's assignment book for daily work/assignments.

The marking period ends on March 20.  Report cards will be going home on April 3.

Spring pictures will be March 24.  All students will get their picture t…


4TH GRADE FIELD TRIP IS MAY 1ST, NOT MAY 15!  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Papers are being sent home with children whose parents signed up to be a PTO parent.

Update for the reading test on Tuesday and Wednesday

There will be a spelling test tomorrow on Animal Mimics.  We are working with dipthongs (letter combinations where only 1 letter sound is heard).

On Monday, students will be taking their grammar test.  We have been working on subordinating conjunctions (independent and dependent clauses).  Independent clauses make sense alone, dependent clauses do not.  When a dependent clause is at the beginning of the sentence, it will start with a subordinating conjunction and have a comma. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have our reading test Animal Mimics.  On Tuesday, students will take the portion of the test on the story vocabulary, spelling skill, grammar skill and reading comprehension based on the passage included with the test.  On Wednesday, students will take the written part of the reading test.  Students will be asked to describe informational text (which can be found in their reading notebooks; discussed 2 times this year.  They will also need to explain the text feature cause and …

Week of January 13, 2020

4th grade is doing a Historic Landmark Brochure.  Students will be coming home with a worksheet to help them gather information and 5 facts about their landmark.  This is not to be turned in; it is a supplement to help the student gather information ahead of time.  If a student wants me to look over it, I will.  Period 1 is doing a different layout than periods 2 & 3, so please don't compare with other classes.  There won't be much time given in class to work on this, so students will need to use their school time wisely:  homeroom, end of the day, library class.

Today we took the 1st part of the reading test on Feathers.  Tomorrow we will take the written part of the test.  We will continue working on Unit 2 while working on the landmark brochure.

There is no afterschool program tomorrow, Tuesday January 14.

Please remember to follow the dress code and be sure your kiddos are dressed for the weather.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring