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Add on 10/10/17

Spelling workbook page 66 is homework if not finished in class.

Spelling list 3 #1-20 3x each due Wednesday if student didn't get adv on pretest.
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Week of October 9, 2017

This week is going to be a bit crazy!

Tuesday will be a "normal" day, Wednesday is a 2-hour data delay for the students, and Friday the high school will be coming over to the elementary for a pep rally!

We will try to operate as normal as possible, but we also have the spirit week dress up:
      Tuesday:  Dress like a wacky tourist or wear a Hawaiian shirt
      Wednesday:  Dress like a duo (peanut butter- jelly, Tom & Jerry, or just twins!)
      Thursday:  Crazy Day (hair, socks, clothes, etc.)
      Friday:  Wear patriotic clothing or NS spirit

Spelling List 3 On the Banks of Plum Creek pretest Tuesday, 3x each due Wednesday if you didn't get 100%, test Friday.

Grammar We will be studying Subjects and Predicates which will refresh on nouns and verbs.  Test will be October 19.

ReadingOn the Banks of Plum Creek test will be October 20th.  Study vocabulary and literary elements (characters, setting, plot, conflict, resolution)

AR goals are online.  Goals need to be met …

Monday October 2, 2017

Miss Brobst's class has a grammar worksheet for homework.  It is reinforcing imperative and exclamatory sentences to prepare for Wednesday's test.

Mrs. Herring's class has a scavenger hunt for Lewis, Clark & Me.  Answers can be found in the story.  The backside has vocabulary to be used as a review for Thursday's test.

AR goals were stapled in your child's assignment book.  October goals are 5 points or higher.  Goals need to be met by October 30th.

October 27 is the Halloween party.  Please send $5.00 in for party supplies.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring

Friday September 29, 2017

Good afternoon!

Monday will be a FREE dress down day.  We are promoting Bullying Awareness by wearing shirt, blue jeans, blue sweats, blue socks, etc.

PALS packets were also sent home in students' Friday folder.  This weekend's activity is focusing on Author's Purpose.  Parents & supporters, please remember to sign off on the last sheet so your child receives credit.  We are encouraging parent/student/school relationships.

AR goals were set for the month of October.  Please have your child check their AR account or see me Monday.

Book orders were placed today.  As soon as I receive the books, I will be sending them home with your child.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Herring

Tuesday September 26, 2017

Today we started Unit 1 Lesson 2 in reading and grammar.  We will be reading Lewis, Clark, and Me and working on author's purpose and suffixes.  Students will be working with the textbook, workbook, interactive notebook, groups, and whole instruction.  In grammar, we will be learning the next 2 types of sentences:  imperative and exclamatory.  The assessment will include all 4 types of sentences (declarative, interrogative from last week).

Spelling homework was assigned tonight.  Students that have homework were given a sheet of paper already laid out for them for the 3x each.  #1-20 need to be written.  Test is Friday.

October 2 is a dress down day...wear a blue shirt, any bottoms.

Book fair for my homeroom is Monday October 16th during encore time with Ms. Hull.  If you are sending money in with your child, have it in an envelope with their name and homeroom.

Party money is being collected to help defray the cost of the Halloween and Valentine's Day party. Again, please lab…

Week of Sept. 25, 2017

There will be no spelling homework tonight.  Students will be assigned 3x each tomorrow.

Students were working on a pumpkin limerick today.  They should be finishing up on their rough draft.

More to follow tomorrow!
Have a great night,
Mrs. Herring

Wednesday September 20, 2017

We have been working hard on our Positive Behavior plan.  Students have to earn 3 stamps from staff or faculty for following the goal of the week.  This week's is PARTICIPATION.  If a student earns 3 stamps by the end of the day on Thursday, they will be eligible for a reward Friday.  Eligible students will be given a reward ticket.  That reward ticket MUST be given to the teacher Friday during homeroom.  We are expecting students to be responsible, so they have to keep track of this.

We are still working on CDT tests in the classroom, which use the Chromebooks, we are finishing up on DIBELS testing, and we are finishing up on our fluency tests.

Students will get Unit 1 Week 2 spelling list and reading vocabulary list.  There will be a spelling pretest on Monday, with the test following on Friday.

AR goals are to met by September 28th.  We will be having the 4th grade reward on the 29th.  My 3 classes of students' AR goals is a minimum of 5 points.

Students will be enjoying a …