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May 16, 2018

I know I am late with this, but I wanted to thank all of the chaperones who attended our field trip last week to Indian Echo Caverns.  The students seemed to have a great time, and we heard great things from the chaperones too!

The end of the school year is super crazy, but we are not stopping learning!  There will be three spelling tests still to come.  The 1st one is Friday The Case of the Gasping Garbage.  There will be a pretest on May 21 and the test on Thursday May 24 for Navajo Code Talkers.  The last pretest will be on Tuesday May 29 and the test on Friday June 1 for Seeker of Knowledge.

We are going to continue with grammar.  This week is Irregular Verbs.  Test will be next week.

We will be reading 1 more story, Paul Bunyan.  Test will be next week.

Please turn in your picnic money.

Friday May 25th is carnival.
Monday May 28th is Memorial Day, so there is no school.
Friday June 1st is our picnic at 2pm.
Tuesday June 5th is the last student day, and it is a half day for studen…
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April 25, 2018

Friday is a dress down day.  You may dress down for $1.00 for  bullying awareness and for the PBIS reward.

For the PBIS reward, please send your child with socks, or they will NOT be able to participate in the bounce houses.

If you have not sent in pictures or money, please do so immediately.

Picnic papers for classroom helpers, money for the field trip, and lunch slips should be turned in as soon as possible.

Immediate attention:
Students are not permitted to wear outerwear in school.  If it has a full zip, buttons, snaps, toggles, belts, etc., it cannot be worn throughout the day while in school.  A 1/4 zip is permitted without logos with an approved shirt underneath.  North Schuylkill, Ashland & Frackville logos are permitted.

The color olive green has been added to the approved color for pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses.  Clothing with holes (by the manufacturer and man made) are not allowed.

Please check your children for ticks, or have them check themselves.

Monday is spel…

Week of April 9, 2018

PSSAs are upon us!  This is a very important time of the school year.  We need everyone's attention and co-operation.

Encourage your child to:
   get adequate sleep
   eat a good breakfast
   limit electronic stimulation
   arrive on time 
   do their best.

Students who arrive on time for each of the PSSA days this week will earn a FREE dress down day on Friday April 13.

Students in my homeroom are permitted to bring a small snack in for after the PSSAs before lunch.  Small, not a full size bag of chips.

The next spelling test will be a pretest on Monday April 30th with the test on Friday May 4th.  List 15.

Our field trip will be May 7.  Papers will be coming home this week in Friday folders.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring

Week ending March 23, 2018

What a week this has been!

Many of us have adjusted our test dates due to the weather cancellations.

Spelling pretest List 14 Eye of the Storm will be Monday.  Tuesday 3x each will be due.  Wednesday ABC order will be due.  Thursday write 5 compound words that are NOT part of the list.  Test will be Thursday.

Grammar test is moved to Tuesday.  Students may or may not have 20 sentences to do for homework.  Depends on how their class period goes.  Study subject/verb agreement.  If they do not agree, then the verb needs to change.  Ask student to find the subject then the verb to reinforce subjects and predicates.

Reading test is moved to Monday.  Students should study the vocabulary, signal words for generalizations, and related words.  Today the students are doing the Look Back & Write.

Thursday is PBIS reward.

ALL AR goals have been reduced to 3 pts for the remainder of the year.  Students may keep their higher goals for personal satisfaction!

Please turn in all book orders by Thu…

March 5, 2018

This week we are reading Adelina's Whales which is fiction.  It is an amazing story about the gray whale and human contact.  Students worked on their vocabulary in their interactive notebooks.  If they didn't finish in class, they should finish at home.  Adelina's Whales also uses fact/opinion to organize the story.  Students in periods 1 & 2 have worksheets to complete on f/o and multiple meaning words.

In grammar, we will begin helping and main verbs.  Students are still struggling with verbs, so please encourage your child to find the verb in any written material.  Test will be Monday March 12.

Spelling list 13 How Night... pretest will be Monday March 12.

As of now, Friday is a paid dress down day.  Yes, it is also Spring pictures, PBIS reward, and AR reward. 

Thursday, 4th grade will be listening to a guest speaker from Universal Forest Products.  Thursday is also "Dress Like Your Hero."  Heroes do NOT only include professional athletes, musicians, or ac…

Week of February 19, 2018

Today was a difficult day in grammar.  We are working on action and linking verbs which is an area we have covered in the fall of this school year.  There will be a review quiz tomorrow on subject/predicate/action/linking verbs.

Period 1 has workbook page 234 to complete for workbook.
Period 2 has 2 worksheets to complete: 1 on action/linking verbs and the other on onomatopoeia.

All periods have the mysterious animal research project due on Monday February 26.  Students were asked since February 13th to find an animal they found mysterious.  Directions were sent home today with each student.

There will be a reading test on Friday, The Man Who Named the Clouds.  Study vocabulary and graphic sources.

There will be a grammar test on Tuesday.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring

January 25, 2018

Students have been super busy collecting money for the Boosterthon.  As of this morning, my homeroom had $25/lap raised.  We are very close to the $30 level as a class, which is a classroom surprise snack provided by me.  If the school raises $20,000, the principals will dress as queens and get pied in the face.  Let's keep making those donations!

Tomorrow is the Fun Run.  Students are encouraged to wear sweatpants and the field trip shirt.  If a student doesn't dress for the Fun Run, they must be in dress code school approved clothes.  NO JEANS!  The Fun Run will take place in the afternoon for 4th grade.

Monday is the PBIS reward.  If a student has earned all 4 stamps, they may dress down for the day.  Jeans, sweatpants, Spartan t-shirt, or dress code clothing.

Valentine's Day party is Friday February 9th, beginning at 2pm.  Students may bring in Valentines to share with their classmates.  If a treat is being sent in, please be sure it is store bought.  We will be provid…