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Thursday October 27, 2016

We have been working extremely hard this week with our writing.  We used the 5 steps to writing a great paper and wrote about being President of the United States.  Some students wrote 2 sloppy copies until we were both happy with the results.  When the final copy comes home, you will notice the sloppy copy and the final.  Take note on how hard they worked.

Tomorrow is the Halloween party/parade.  Students will enter the HS stadium near the softball field and exit near the baseball field.  If you are a PTO parent, you may enter the building at 200pm.  There is usually a line, so don't wait.  We are trying to eliminate the mad chaos in the bathroom when the kids are getting dressed.  Try to wear as much of your costume as possible, ie pantyhose, etc.  Remember no simulated weapons.  If you are picking your child up tomorrow before dismissal, please send in a note.

Tonight's homework is to finish the final copy of the President letter if it isn't finished in class.  There is a spelling pretest on Monday on list 6.  There is a cumulative social studies test on Thursday for lessons 1-6.

Have a great and safe Halloween weekend!
Mrs. Herring


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Monday October 2, 2017

Miss Brobst's class has a grammar worksheet for homework.  It is reinforcing imperative and exclamatory sentences to prepare for Wednesday's test.

Mrs. Herring's class has a scavenger hunt for Lewis, Clark & Me.  Answers can be found in the story.  The backside has vocabulary to be used as a review for Thursday's test.

AR goals were stapled in your child's assignment book.  October goals are 5 points or higher.  Goals need to be met by October 30th.

October 27 is the Halloween party.  Please send $5.00 in for party supplies.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Herring

Week of October 23, 2017

This week is the start of Red Ribbon Week, and it will run through Tuesday, October 31.

Students may show their school spirit on Wednesday by dressing up in NS clothes.  Thursday they may wear their favorite team shirt/jersey.  Friday they may wear jeans before changing into their Halloween costume.  Please remember to follow dress code, but still have fun.

Friday the parade will start at 2pm and will find its way to the high school stadium.  Classroom parties will follow.  4th grade has collected $5/student to help defray the cost of snacks.  If you haven't sent yours in, please do so.  Students may also bring in candy/snacks, but remember it must be store bought.

Our spelling test will be Thursday on list 4.  Students took a pre-test yesterday, and have had the list since last Friday.  On the flip side is list 5, so please do not throw it away.

In grammar, we are learning compound sentences, which is a continuation of subjects and predicates.  Students MUST know how to find the …